Early Stuff

I have always loved calligraphy and lettering since I was a youngster I won a prize from Brooke Bond Tea for best handwriting in my school when I was only 11years old.

I didn't follow my passion until attending college circa 1976 and produced the two exhibits which you see here.

Early Stuff Early Stuff

They are 'unfinished symphonies'. If you look closely at the gold sections of the dragon they have not been toned in.

Maybe after 37 years I may just take them down. Incidentally the image of the dragon is taken from the ceiling rose in the Brighton Pavilion or The Royal Pavilion as it sometimes referred to. Hence the red ring that the dragon is holding from where the chandelier hangs.

Certainly after so long a time it does demonstrate the quality of paint we use which is Signwriters' One Shot Enamel. This is a specialist paint and at one time, until quite recently as the 90's, still contained lead.

Fredericks the Jewellers was among the very first projects undertaken. Whilst passing the shop in our car my wife noticed the owner painting the outside. She said why don't you ask him if he needs a sign?

Early Stuff
Early Stuff Early Stuff

He said Yes! and wrote down on 'fag paper' roughly what he wanted. I had no idea of how I was going to do the artwork. Basically I turned up on the day and chalked up directly what was in my head onto the fascia and shutters.

I had complete 'artistic license' to do whatever design, layout and colours I wanted and so I went berserk. I wondered if I was doing OK when someone shouted from his car as he drove past "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label" ( A reference to a old Carling ad which basically meant you're doing OK) Just the sort of confidence booster you need when you start out!

All the other work is from the early days as well. Notice the old telephone numbers!

Early Stuff Early Stuff

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